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Overview of NSSF


About the National Social Security Fund, NSSF

The National Social Security Fund is a friendly service organization which exists for the public good. It offers social protection to all workers in Kenya. We provide social security protection to workers in the formal and informal sectors. We register members, receive their contributions, manage funds of the scheme, process and ultimately pay out benefits to eligible members or dependents.


Our Corporate Profile

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) was established in 1965 through an Act of Parliament Cap 258 of the Laws of Kenya. The Fund initially operated as a Department of the Ministry of Labour until 1987 when the NSSF Act was amended transforming the Fund into a State Corporation under the Management of a Board of Trustees.

The Act was established as a mandatory national scheme whose main objective was to provide basic financial security benefits to Kenyans upon retirement. The Fund was set up as a Provident Fund providing benefits in the form of a lump sum.

The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Act, No.45 of 2013 was assented to on 24th December 2013 and commenced on 10th January 2014 thereby transforming NSSF from a Provident Fund to a Pension Scheme to which every Kenyan with an income shall contribute a percentage of his/her gross earnings so as to be guaranteed basic compensation in case of permanent disability, basic assistance to needy dependants in case of death and a monthly life pension upon retirement.

The Act establishes two Funds namely, the Pension Fund and the Provident Fund, to provide for contributions to and payment of benefits out of the Funds.

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