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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The amount of monthly membership contributions will vary depending on your wage or salary. However, on average, every employee pays about 5% of the monthly wage which is matched with an equal amount by the employer subject to a specified maximum. You can also topup your account by visiting your nearest NSSF branch with your membership number or through MPESA. Click here for details on how to make contributions through mpesa

All employers must register with NSSF. Any employer who fails to register with the fund or fails to register their workers within 21 days of employment is guilty of an offence and liable to prosecution in a Court of Law. Please contact your nearest NSSF office immediately, if your employer is not registered with NSSF.

Our Compliance Officers will take the necessary steps to ensure that your employer registers with NSSF.

Please click here to view registration information for employers

You can apply for benefits at the NSSF office closest to you. At present NSSF does not process benefit applications online. Click Here for more information on how to apply.

Our toll free line is 0800 2212744

Application forms for Survivor’s benefit and Invalidity benefit are available online and at your nearest NSSF office. Information required for applying for other benefits/grants (i.e., Age/Retirement Benefit, Withdrawal Benefit, Funeral Grant and Emigration grant) will be obtained from you at your nearest NSSF office. Please be sure to review our benefits page to obtain information on the documentation/information that will be required from you when you apply for any given benefit/grant.

You can only register once as a member of the Fund during your lifetime. Your membership number is your account number which you must quote in all correspondence or inquiries regarding your statement of account. Your account number will remain the same even when you change employers. All you need to do is furnish your new employer with that number.

Please notify the NSSF as soon as you change your contact details. That way, we can update your records and keep your payment information current.

YES. You remain a member of the fund even when you lose your job. Even if you are no longer making contributions, your earlier savings continue to earn interest. You can continue to make contributions by visiting your nearest NSSF branch with your membership number or through MPESA. Click here for details on how to make contributions through mpesa

NSSF will issue you with a FREE statement of account on demand. A statement of account is a document issued to NSSF members that shows the sum of a given member’s contributions as well as the interest that their contributions has earned so far.

Most enquiries can be handled in any of our branch offices. You can visit your nearest NSSF office in-person or contact us via phone, fax, or e-mail. Please click here for a full listing of the contact information for NSSF branch offices across Kenya

NSSF prudently invests its members’ savings in secure, high-yielding investments such as government securities, real estate and shared equities. Please Click Here for a more comprehensive review of NSSF’s investments and investment policy.

NSSF job opportunities are usually posted online and in local newspapers. Click here to see if there are any job positions available.

You can apply for a Duplicate Membership Card (DMC) at your nearest NSSF office. The replacement will cost you Ksh 200

NSSF is committed to being a transparent, accountable and reliable organisation. The NSSF Anti-corruption Authority provides an avenue for the public to report acts of corruption and/or fraud within its programs and operations. There are drop-off-boxes for the Anti-Corruption Authority in all NSSF branches countrywide. You can also send us a mail anonymously by clicking here

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