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At the National Social Security Fund, we are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics. Recognizing that good corporate governance is key to the enhancement of our business performance, the Board of Trustee’s seek to discharge their duties and responsibilities in the best interest of the Fund, its shareholders, customers, business partners and the wider community.

Our corporate values and ethics are entrenched in our strategic and business objectives and are focused on transforming and accelerating growth in value for the benefit of all our stakeholders.

During the year, member contribution grew by 5.3% from Kes. 12.87B in 2016 to Kes. 13.55B in 2017. Benefits Paid to members increased by 17.3% from kes.3.12B paid in 2016 to kes.3.66B paid in 2017. Similar to the previous year, the net return on net investment increased from Kes.1.03B in 2016 to Kes. 20.41B in 2017. Total operating expenses increased by 16% to Kes.6.39B in 2017 from Kes .5.51B in 2016. The increase in operating expenses is attributed to provisions for doubtful assets in the financial statement from Kes 0.44B to Kes. 0,735B and increase in staff costs by 12% from Kes 3.4B to Kes 3.8B attributed to inflation adjustment and the implementation of collective bargaining agreement. A net increase in scheme Funds of Kes. 23.89B was achieved in 2017 compared to Kes 5.27B achieved in 2016. The Fund’s net assets therefore, increased by 14% from Kes.172.09B in 2016 to Kes.196.57B in 2017.



 Investment Income growth for the last 5 years 



As shown above, the profitability of the Fund has remained on an increasing trajectory in the last five years.

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